Our Strategy

We believe that plan sponsors depend upon their brokers to help them agree upon a strategy that will produce comprehensible results for the plan. i.e. lowering health care costs, increasing preventive usage and changing or modifying behavior. The strategy must state specific goals and timelines for these goals and tactics. Some potential aspects of strategy and strategic goals are described below.

» Financing of Health Care- We discuss the process to determine the best way to finance your health plan.  An analysis of incentives, plan designs, qualified vehicles and reporting is addressed. An analysis of your group’s claim stratification report or health analysis is used to look for informed opportunities. We use these tools to attempt for a goal of single digit renewals.

» Contracts/Language– Are your existing/proposed contracts supporting coverage that is both adequate and appropriate for all beneficiaries of the plan?

» Wellness- Does the plan support wellness for all it’s members? Are the results of the wellness initiatives able to be monitored or measured? Is wellness a cornerstone goal of cost reduction? Have we created a culture of wellness?

» Education and Behavior Modification– What are the goals regarding member education and behavior modification? What tactics will be used to adjust and modify unhealthy behavior? What incentives should and could be used to change behavior? How do we monitor and measure behavior modification?

» Cost Reduction– What tactics will be instituted to reduce health care costs? (Generic drug campaigns, PCP campaigns, Alternatives to ER usage, Consult A Doc Plan, preventive usage campaigns and dependent audits)